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Passion before anything

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All I wanted to do was to be honest, so I told him that I can’t never be that girl he expected me to be. I can’t be that girl whose idea of ultimate happiness is marriage and a five figure salary. Yes, I seek love but institutional love doesn’t necessarily will make me happy. At least not yet. I can’t never be that girl who pleases conventional expectations of society. That baby, will never be me and I choose to be me. So I (wo)man up and say, I’m setting my priorities straight.

Passion before anything. Passion before everything.


Love yourself, girl, or nobody will


“We ain’t picture perfect but we worth the picture still” – J.Cole

Two things:

I love hip hop and in the wake of all these – bullies, insults, fat girls speaking up, and err… face-reading ;p , here’s one of my favorite songs from one of the best young rapper out there. His flows are solid, he’s super fine, too handsome to resist and his words have substance – it’s the one and only J. Cole. This song is called “Crooked Smile” – a song about imperfections and how we all can still be a star. Taken from his critically-acclaimed sophomore record Born Sinner (Roc Nation/Columbia), featuring the legendary TLC (with remaining members T-Boz and Chili), I hope this would make your day.

For the words, click here.


Of Solange Knowles, Jakil and Cover Fever pt. I


This past weekend, I’ve been revisiting the goodness of Solange Knowles’ new-found sound via her 2012’s True EP. I have loved it when it was first released, made it to one of my favorite releases of last year but now that some of her words kinda resonate with my feelings (of the past few months), I felt a lot more connected to her. You can’t deny it, the girl is good.

But that’s not why I’m writing this entry. When I love a song wholeheartedly (in this case it’s “Losing You”), I will start searching for YouTube cover videos of the song. I love to see other singer’s or musicians’ take on the song and see if I could rock similar cover.

My search led me to this awesome cover of “Losing You” by British band Jakil whom — (i) I have no idea about; (ii) the cover somewhat has that ‘raw and organic’ feeling to it given that it was performed live in a kitchen; and most importantly (iii) the vocal is just too yummeh to be ignored. Give it a watch/listen:

Just in case you’ve never heard of Solange (shame on you if you don’t given that you definitely know her big sister Beyonce) or her 2012’s hit single “Losing You”, here’s the official video:

Now I feel like I should be making a cover of either “Losing You” or “Lovers in the Parking Lot”. I’m gonna see if Azhar is down with this.