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I wish I had never let you go


Truth be told, the only thing I need to do right now is write a piece of entry that is fitting of this blog. I have these plus style photos my dear friend Michelle took of me last week and I so desperately want to upload them and wish everybody thank you for beingĀ so awesome, patient, supportive and nice to me these past weeks.

But I couldn’t. I don’t want to. I can’t. I’m not in that state of mind.


Comfortable romance, where art thou?

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All my life I have been wanting to find comfort in this thing called romance. All my life I seek for it in conscience and in hope. I’m not too sure why but that comfort seems very unlikely to come by though romance keeps revisiting in different forms. I’m not too sure if it’s a curse or simply cause the time has yet to come but one thing I know for sure is I haven’t been lucky enough to be rewarded such comfort. Soon, I hope.