That Fat Tudung Party Girl is Nazirah Ashari, a Malaysian plus-size blogger and body-loving advocate. This blog aims to empower plus size girls and women in Malaysia and the rest of the globe through her shared experiences, struggle, point-of-views and personal style.

WHAT is That Fat Tudung Party Girl about?

The blog is a platform for me to remind myself of who I truly am and why I am the way I am right now. I’m writing to share my journey, my story, my fight, my search for that happiness I’ve managed to achieve so far and hoping to achieve more soon. That Fat Tudung Party Girl is also my way of telling the world that sometimes, accepting people’s choices to be who they are, in other words, to just be themselves, could possibly be the wisest thing to do. This however, is not me giving you a green light to ‘leave other people alone’ (though you gotta do that sometime) or ‘mind your own business’ for that matter. What I’m hoping to achieve through That Fat Tudung Party Girl is to get people to never stop caring. And that is exactly why I’m writing this blog: I care.

Apart from that, I also hope to inspire fellow fat girls — especially young girls — to boost their inner self-confidence by loving their body and seeing themselves as a beautiful young woman. I believe in the power of dressing and fashion in general to help one build their confidence and personality. I might not be your best-dressed blogger but I remember for a long time now, since I was young, I’ve always had a distinctive style and that’s who I really am and it has helped me to build that confidence in ways other things wouldn’t. So some parts of this blog will be about style and creating your personal style without following any fashion rules.

I’ve also been highly inspired by a lot of people and I wish to share that with others when it comes to motivation and inspirations. I hope this blog could be a platform for fellow girls to feel that love and support they’re missing from, or for anyone really, to share their love and support for plus size girls out there. I’m hoping that this blog would be that agent of change to the way Malaysians and the world view fat/plus size girls and just see them as… girls.


WHO is That Fat Tudung Party Girl
I wrote a must-read introductory post that you can read here where I explained the reason to That Fat Tudung Party Girl and what it is supposed to be about, a little bit of my story and what not.

But just in case that’s a bit too long (!), That Fat Tudung Party Girl is Nazirah Ashari, a 27-year-old Malaysian currently living in Kuala Lumpur. I am a fat girl with the head scarf on her head who is carefree, confident, fun and loving. Some people asked me if I ever get a little touchy over the word ‘fat’ — no. I have embraced fatness for too long to be offended by it. Truth of the matter is, I never knew how it feels like to be medium-sized, let alone slim and slender.


Okay, you’re Nazirah, but WHO are you really?

I should have introduced myself properly first, mind my rudeness. My name is Nazirah Ashari and I’m the girl behind That Fat Tudung Party Girl. I’m a 27 years old broadcast journalist-turn-producer-turn-content strategist currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I graduated first class with a Bachelor degree in journalism back in 2010 from a local public university and was a practicing broadcast journalist and associate producer for almost two years. I did a short stint of corporate PR for more than a year before moving into the world of start-ups which I connect to most. I am currently working very hard at building my niche in content marketing and social media as Head of Content at rising Malaysia’s financial comparison platform (a financial aggregator, to be exact), CompareHero.my.

That’s that, on the career end.

I’m also an aspiring singer and was formerly the vocalist and songwriter with Klang Valley-based pop band, The Heart Stripped Band since 2007. At the moment, I’m slowly working on my own solo materials with a mission to release something soon.

During my free time, I write for various KL and Los Angeles-based music portals including BestNewBands.com — continuing my lifelong interest and passion for music and music journalism. I think it’s also a worthy mention, that this passion sparked some serious personal agenda when I was an Editorial Intern with leading LA music magazine, FILTER back in 2010. I’m not planning to stop anytime soon.



WHAT are some of the things that you like or passionate about as an individual?

My passion includes music, journalism, content creation, politics, singing, and the online media. I love news in general. I’m obsessed about these three media outlets: Al-Jazeera (my dream job!), VICE, and Pitchfork. I love meaningful conversations, dressing up, seeing the world, lipsticks (have tonnes of them), good coffee, good food, Marc Jacobs’ designs, reading, good movies, great female vocalists from soul queen, Jill Scott to legendary Lebanese singer, Fairuz.

When it comes to music, I love and die for these three acts, two of which I will never get the chance to see live: Rilo Kiley (best band in the world ever – disbanded); Amy Winehouse (still missing Amy every second now) and Mos Def/Yasiin Bey (I wanna marry him!).


For your style features, WHERE do you usually get your clothes and WHAT is your size?

My clothes are size UK 18 or XXL (sometimes triple) depending on the design. My shoes are size UK 7 or 41.

A lot of my clothes are from H&M and Dorothy Perkins though I’m trying to slow down on shopping at DP because their quality sucks these days (and they are pricey for being shitty). H&M has a plus size line that can be quite limited (bummer) but the quality is pretty solid, so let’s not think about limitation and get your good stuff there. But H&M entire line in general is solid, just check everything they have and not limit yourself to the plus size line cause most times their general lines (Conscious, Divided, etc.) have clothing that can fit size UK 16 to 18.

I shop online too: Trendy Confessions is my favourite. ASOS is another favourite. But to be honest I shop from anywhere really. The thing about me is I’m a hunter. I seek. I get into labels known for their skinny clothing (i.e. Topshop, Mango or Zara) to get inspirations and just trying my luck and most times, I ended up with a piece or two. I love thrift store too and I also buy men’s clothes and work my mix-and-match magic with my feminine pieces. As for my tudung or my head scarves, they are mostly from Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.


ANY fashion tips for plus size girls out there?

If you’re confident with what you’re wearing, it will show. Confident is key. It’s everything.

And oh, whatever the skinny girls are wearing, you can wear them too! I’m currently looking for the perfect crop top.
Was That Fat Tudung Party Girl / Nazz previously featured anyWHERE? 
I was previously featured and mentioned on Jelita*, Perempuan**, Bella^ (NTV7), Safiya* (TV9), Astro Awani*, BernamaTV*, Lipstiq.com*, RTM1*^, Selamat Pagi Malaysia^ (RTM1), Remaja^ (TV3), Kawanku Bintang Coca Cola* (TV9), Muzik Muzik (TV3)^ and Hello on Two^ (RTM2).

*As myself
**Fashion feature/modelling
^As part of The Heart Stripped Band


HOW can anyone contact you?

Visit my CONTACT page or send me an e-mail at nazirahashari@gmail.com

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