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Plus Style On-the-Go #2: Return of the boot cut

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The last time I wore a bootcut jeans was 2013, I think. Before the rise of skinnies, bootcut was my staple type of jeans. Well, it was either the boot cuts or the boyfriend jeans – not straight, nu-uh… never the straight cuts (though I’m guilty of owning a couple of ’em).

I’ve been hunting for the right bootcut jeans for a while now – one with the right shade, the right size and fit, of course – one with the right price. I definitely won’t be spending a bomb for a type of jeans that I’ll mostly keep aside unless it’s those days when I’m feeling like wearing heels or platform shoes. And girl, you know that’s commitment.

But I’m super blessed for having a friend who hooks you up with nice clothes and this round it’s this gorgeous pair she got off from Boohoo. Thank you, Ratna – they say one person sizing messed-up is another person’s treasure (HAHA!) – nah, but we both know how clothing sites often get the size guide wrong so that’s definitely not your fault, boo.

Ratna posted the jeans on PSE and to my surprise, no one wants to grab it! And I remember it clearly – I was already over-spending by that time of the month so I messaged her and asked if she’d be nice enough to keep the jeans for me until I can spend again. And because Ratna is a doll, she happily did! And fast forward to Wednesday, my jeans arrived!

The label says that it’s a size UK24 but I know that’s a lie because I think it’s at least size UK20 (I’m UK18 and this one is slightly loose on me but all good). The material is slightly lighter and thinner for my (denim) liking but I like how great it feels wearing it in our hot weather – so I’m definitely not complaining on that. And you don’t wanna know how cheap I get this far – once again, thanks so much Ratna!

On a different note, I’m revamping my wardrobe – making ways for new ones! Tonnes to let some of my plus size outfits for cheap so wait for it, I should find time one of the coming weekends to put a list together and I’ll most likely be selling it here.

Until later – love, Nazz.

Outfit details: Mustard scarf from The Mikaella, white blouse and wedges from Violeta by Mango, bootcut jeans from Boohoo

Photo credit: Victoria Kovalan


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