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Plus Style On-the-Go #03: Mesh bomber jacket

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It’s lunch time so let’s make this post a quick one!

I have an obsession over cool and sometimes impractical jackets. I love browsing through my favourite clothing stores for pieces that would make head turns and have them say, how do you wear that in this weather? Ahah – to be honest I can’t, I’m sweating like a pig inside but I just gotta put this on, don’t I?! I love jackets in colours that would allow me to stand out in the crowd or one that is too white that’d make people say, ‘Keeping that off stains must be real hard’.

When I saw this white mesh bomber jacket from Ms. Read months ago, I knew I had to have it. I wore it once to work and haven’t worn it since. But I woke up this morning with a vision of a cool-and-badass Nazirah. I told myself that I’m ready to get back to the whole dark lipstick game and since I like keeping my outfit a bit clean these days, I know I had to put this jacket on and┬ákeeping the rest of my outfit simple, not distracting the jacket, of course.

Outfit details: Mesh bomber jacket from Ms. Read, hijab from The Mikaella, Adidas Superstar sneaker, black skinny jeans, white t-shirt and necklace, all from H&M.

(Scroll down for close-up of my makeup today)

Plus Style On-the-Go_03i

Plus Style On-the-Go_03ii

Plus Style On-the-Go_03

Plus Style On-the-Go_03MOTD

Photo credit: Vanessa Gan


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