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After rain comes sun

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Allah really listens to me. He cares for me. He’s there for me. Now at my lowest, He knows what I exactly need, more than I will ever know myself. And He sent me my two most important people in the world – my parents.

After a difficult Friday, and an even more difficult week – heck, in all honesty, the past months have been most difficult – getting a text from Mak earlier this week about the two of them coming to KL for Abah’s RMC reunion dinner felt like the higher power was telling me:

“Nazirah, I’m going to remind you what’s more important in life.”

That moment, I knew I had to change my plan. I was planning to head down to Singapore for the weekend but lion city can wait.

I planned for a weekend staycation, booked a cozy place somewhere in the city where we could rest and just be together.

There was no need for long conversations, advise-seeking, even nags – just seeing faces of my Mak and Abah is more than I could ever ask for.

Perhaps it was their strengths that I was looking for. And some time off from work, dilemmas, the unnecessary self doubts, etc. – allowing me the space to clear my head – so I could un-mess the mess in my life right now.

So what’s my plan next? To be honest, I don’t know. All I know is I need to write my feelings down, cry for a little bit, call Mak, go home and make a decision on what needs to be done first.

Life is gonna be challenging for the next couple of weeks. Not only I have straightening-out to do, but Ramadhan is also around the corner – hopefully the thought of the holy month would help straighten me out right.

Challenge aside, I’m so glad I’ve come back to this space and write for the blog. It has indeed been way too long.

Love, Nazz.

Outfit details: Oversized top from Monki, culottes pant from H&M, hijab from insta-shop The Mikaella and Adidas Originals sneaker. 





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