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Goodbye Syawal: 5 things I learned about myself this Raya season

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Today we bid adieu to Syawal, to the last day in the month of celebration in the Muslim calendar. And if you are in Malaysia, you probably be visiting a Raya open house or two, stuffing your stomach with the best of (free) local food. Or you could spend this fine Saturday like me – alone, mostly getting a couple of tasks for work done in between walking around the cities, cafe hopping from one coffee place to another.

This is lighthearted post compared to my previous ones. It has no specific objective but to allow me the space and time off from the research I’m currently doing. It’s straight forward – as the subject suggests. Now let’s quickly draft this out.

1. I am #TeamRayaDapur – Been taking on kitchen tasks for years now but I guess as I grow older, the role comes to more naturally. I’m less forced, willing and more importantly, I enjoy the idea of cooking with the family. I also realised, since I’m one of the least talented cooks in the family (compared to my parents, grandparents, my aspiring sister-chef), I’m more accepting of my role as a prep and cleaning lady instead of being the one doing the cooking. Nevertheless, prep lady is still an honourable role – you still gotta know how to chop those onions or slice those lemongrass well and that’s not easy, baby.

Oh wait, I know what I’m good at! Making teh tarik! Yup!


2. I prefer spending my hard earned cash on new makeup than new baju Raya

Guilty as always, this year it’s becoming more apparent that I’m keener of mixing and matching existing clothes with new pieces. Baju kurung is not in my list anymore, neither is any of those kurung moden. 

Now where the rest of my Raya budget goes to? New powder, new lipsticks, new brush!

My first day Raya look, below. Sadly I didn’t take one of me alone – was too occupied in the kitchen.


What I wore on first day of Raya: black top and skirt from Suri Sara, hijab from a pop-up store at Avenue K, necklace from Vincci.


3. I’m becoming more and more supportive of my sister’s ongoing transformation into a woman

My baby sister finally graduated from high school and is now a freshman at a culinary school in Penang. I’ve been encouraging her to slowly wear basic makeup i.e. eyeliners, lip balm, etc. when she was in high school – heck, I was the one who bought her first M.A.C cosmetics – and now that she’s turning into a beautiful young woman that she is, I let her play with my makeup a lot more.

Hopefully when she gets older and earning, she’ll love makeup like I do and we can do makeup shopping together! Yay to sisterhood!

(Note: My Mak is not so much of a fan of makeup)

Earlier today with my baby sister #EidDay2 #eidmubarak #eid #Raya2015

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4. I’m becoming less and less ‘connected’ on social media during Raya and I love it that way

For someone whose job is in digital marketing and considered a social media specialist, Raya is my time to get off the radar for a little bit and I’ve been quite successful at it. I update less, I take time to reply to messages, even Raya wishes – heck I don’t even do Raya wishes. And I hardly take own photos and for the first time ever, I’m okay with that. Memories well captured in my mind, who needs photos?


5. I might never get to fall in love with any of my parents guest’s son – EVER

… simply because there’s no one that I like, duh! HAHAHAHAHA!


Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all of you, maaf zahir dan batin.

p.s. Just in case you’re wondering where my clothes in the main picture are from, here goes: dull purple hijab borrowed from my sister, kimono top in peach from Dorothy Perkins, batik skirt from Trendy Confessions.



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