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Plus Size Style #lateblog | Channeling my inner hijab princess


Note: I’m going to be publishing some of the drafts I’ve kept in my Posts Dashboard, bit by bit. This is the first in series of my Plus Size Style #lateblog – collection of unpublished blog posts I’ve kept for almost a year. This post was first drafted around August 2014. 

I was on the train to work when a corporate looking kakak in her mid-30s who stood next to me in the sardine-packed Kelana Jaya line coach asked a random question, “Pergi kelas ke?” (“Are you going to class?”)

I can be really grumpy in the morning – especially when I haven’t had my first cup of coffee. I have a tendency to be quite the bitch when I’m half awake, makeup free, earphones & sunglasses on – which is pretty much most of the time – so I decided to just nod as a sign of my disinterest.

I wasn’t really digesting her question. The word “class” wasn’t being fully registered in my brain, until later.

Well, she smiled and nodded along, decided not to continue the conversation. She got the sign, I thought.

About two weeks later, the same kakak approached me again – asking the same question, “Pergi kelas ke?

This was one of the better mornings – I was mentally present, and somewhat presentable – heavy makeup, necklace, boots and all. Too bad I couldn’t recall her.

Being the nice and sociable person that I am, I responded with a smile, “Eh, taklah. Pergi kerja ni.” (“No, I’m actually going to work”)

Confused, she asked again, “Eh, bukan hari tu kata pergi kelas ke?” (“Didn’t you say that you were going to class before?”)

That very second, I recall my earlier encounter with the kakak. I pondered for a few seconds – thinking whether I should cut the conversation short and tell my “going to class” lie or I could be nice and apologise for my rudeness and tell her the truth.

I decided to go with the latter.

I started over with the kakak – apologised for misleading her and for being somewhat rude before; shared my brief background and learned about her the same. A manager-level associate at Petronas, tudung-clad with a motherly smile, happily married with two kids.

Surprised when I told her about my age, she responded, “Banyak kali nampak naik train macam college student, pakai casual macam tu. Muka pun nampak muda. Paling-paling tua pun 24.” (“Saw you a couple of times on the train looking like a college student, casual wearing and all. You even have a young looking face. I thought your age was about 24.”)

Youthful looking face compliment I received way too often and take them with gratitude though deep down inside I dislike the idea of me not being taken seriously just because I look young.

Our conversation was cut short when both of us had to get off the train at KLCC. We bid each other goodbye and went on our own ways.

I never asked for her name. Neither was she.

To me she’s the kakak in the LRT.


And as usual, my plus style compilation has nothing to do with this story. Ignore the ugly cone, don’t you just love it when your skirt twirls like this:Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset

Details of my look:

Black hijab (gift), oversized purple top from Trendy Confessions, maxi skirt from Ms Read, suede flat from Forever21, statement necklace from Bejeweled Jewels.

Photo credit to Sidney Liew. 


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  1. Lol ugly cone! It’s funny that when we’re young, we want to look older so that we are taken seriously. I bet when we’re old, we’ll want to look young for the sake of looking young!


    • @Eugene I fear the time when I’ll work on looking younger. I pray everyday so I could age gracefully, and most importantly, accepting the fact that I’ll age eventually.


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