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Plus Size Style | Ocean in the Dark

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For someone who works in the digital scene, my failure to update and keep up with this blog is a shame. Yes, I can continuously come out with excuses to my lack of commitment to TFTPG — of the fact that I spent a lot of hours a week on work alone (and actually loving what I do) — but that is still a poor excuse.

To be honest, I’m just tired.

Apart from my ever demanding job, I also juggle a couple of side projects and freelancing jobs. Greedy? No. I think I’m more of an opportunist and I believe as someone who’s young and willing, I shouldn’t waste my time on living life alone. I also believe that if there’s the right time for me to fully activate the natural workaholic in me, it should be now. And that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up – Unknown

Now, let’s get down to the one thing I haven’t been doing much these past months: Taking photo of my daily outfit.

Well, there’s nothing to shout about with this look and you know me, I’m big on the whole casual-edgy-and-messy look like this. This is me not trying too hard in styling. To be honest, this is no hard work at all. This is just me wearing me comfortably and there’s no other better styling philosophy than that.

Details of my look:

Kimono cardigan, black t-shirt and dark blue skinny from H&M; oversized scarf from Avenue K‘s Raya bazaar; cargo boots from Forever21.


Photo credit: Hariz Hazlan


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