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Plus Size Style | When you have no nice clothes, wear your sister’s

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It’s 1:05 am and I’d like to talk write about borrowed confidence.

Some of my biggest motivations in life usually come from others. When we have others who believe in us, who bring out the best in us and help bolster our confidence.

My parents who entrusted me with the natural role of the eldest in the family. My school magazine supervisor who appointed me as the chief editor back in high school. My college mates who worked with me on group projects for various classes. My magazine editors who assigned me reviews and interviews for the publication I was working for. My producers who expected equal quality production from their trusted journalist and assistant producer. My department head who sets me a KPI to meet – hoping I would exceeds her expectations. My dance team members who hoped I wouldn’t have missed practice. My mentors and bosses who gave me guidance and provide me the opportunity to lead and succeed (and those great recommendations). My team members who never stopped letting me mentor and grow with them. My band mates who never stopped believing in my talent.My brothers and sister, my blood and backbone. My friends and other halves and their continuous support and faith in me.

Not money. Not awards nor accolades. Not any dirty tactics.

Just borrowed confidence.

Details of my look:

Hijab from Avenue K’s Raya bazaar, my sister’s denim shirt, t-shirt from Wolfgang, patterned cotton pant and grey suede bag from H&M; loafer from Rocha by John Rocha.


Photo credit: Diyana Ashari


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  1. Hi, I was just trying the perfume so that I don’t say something sounds like a liar to my reader but ended up liking the smells of the perfume. hehe. Anway I like your t-shirt 🙂


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