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TFTPG’s YouTube Favorites #01 – For the love of good vocals

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YouTube is life. And for this reason alone, I’m sharing with you my favourite YouTube videos I spent hours watching last night. This week’s theme? Mind blowing (and mostly-underrated) singing by some of my favorite female vocalists.

Marsha Ambrosius

Miss Ambrosius is just a guest artist in this episode of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert featuring Robert Glasper Experiment but she left the audience – myself included – longing for more. Mr Glasper and crew’s musical magic is undoubtedly brilliant but add to that the depth of Ambrosius’ soulful honeyed vocal, you immediately knew that what you just heard, witnessed and experienced is a luxury. (Video courtesy of NPR)


Ledisi’s vocal is out of this world – this is my remark every time, I mean, EVERY SINGLE TIME I listen to Ledisi’s performance. Just give this amazing live performance of her hits “Pieces of Me” a listen. I promise you’ll be blown to bits.


(Video courtesy of NPR)

Anandi Bhattacharya

Another NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert video where the vocalist is not the main feature. In this episode featuring legendary Indian classical musician, Debashish Battacharya – Anandi – Debashish’s daughter blew me away with her swara’s magic. I am no expert of Indian classical music but swara vocals is nothing ordinary and for someone who appreciates great singing across genres, this is just pure love. (Video courtesy of NPR)

Jazmine Sullivan

I am a JS freak. I know the majority of her songs from her first two records by hearts and as a vocalist, she’s one of my main references. After going on a hiatus for a couple of years, miss Sullivan is making a comeback with an EP to be released on September 30. In this NPR’s Field Recording episode, Sullivan debuted one of the tracks from her upcoming release called “Stupid Girls” where her vocals shines through like never before. That lower register though – DAMN! (Video courtesy of NPR)

Shereen (شيري)

If you know me enough, you know that I have an addiction for good Arabic music. One of my favourite singers of all time is the legendary Syrian singer Fairouz and I continuously find comfort in her great vocal and her storytelling style of singing. Shereen on a different note, is a an Egyptian pop princess where ballad is her strength. In this heart-warming number called “Ala Baly (على بالي)”, her vocal captured me in ways other Arabic pop singers never do. Give it a listen and maybe you’ll feel it too. (Video courtesy of Coke Studio Middle East

Featured photo credit: TheHonestyHour, created using Canva.


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