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Just so you know what to expect

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Hi, you.

Yes, you… if you’re even there to read this possible piece of crap I’m about to write. Again, Nazirah and her drama, lame excuses and shitty dreams. Getting bored now, aren’t you?

I’m not gonna apologise for my sudden two-monthlong disappearance from blogging, like there was such thing as… well, blogging. Though deep inside I feel like explaining myself and still at the end of the day, I just choose not to.

I’m on a different journey now, career-wise. The one that is making me manage, scrutinise, experiment, change, write, edit, think, work, spend, eat, drink, strategise, sick, feel intimidated and superior at the same time. The kind of journey that allows me to be creative and uncomfortable at the same time. The one that got me to curse, to compliment, to win and taste defeat and not knowing when the next win will be, to sleep less and work longer, sleep more and work harder. The one that made me become the old workaholic me, and that I actually like it. The one journey I think about 24 hours, 7 days a week; even as I’m writing this on a productive water cut-Sunday, not actually doing anything work-related, but still thinking about it – planning everything in my head. The one that is challenging me to my core. The one that I’m actually have no shittiest idea about – yup, I’m fucking clueless.

Yet, it’s the one that I thought I’m kinda in love with.┬áThe one that satisfies and inspire. The one that makes me… me.


In case you wonder where I’ve been, that’s that. In case you’re expecting anything, that’s that.


Write soon, Nazz.


#Throwback photo. Details of my look:

Parka and wrap around black scarf from H&M, head scarf (turned into a turban) from Sofia Elena, skinny jeans from Next


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