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Plus Style | Sampai Lenjan

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Pakai sampai lenjan.”

Let me translate that for you non-Bahasa Melayu readers. That sentence literally means, ‘Wear till it’s worn out’. You see, my rule of thumb when it comes to spending for fashion these days is to get something that you love too much, you wear it almost all the time. I’m a believer of utilizing something to the fullest especially if it’s the most expensive of stuff. Here’s how I see it: What’s the point of spending over a thousand ringgit for that designer shoes and not wearing it often, no?

Let these items be of service to you. Make every single cent worth it! Like all the items I’m wearing in this look I donned yesterday… minus the shoes. I have been wearing that black shirt too often that I don’t think I have any other good black shirt the way this one is. Bought it from H&M for slightly over RM100 and have been wearing it over and over again because it’s in black (my favorite color) and it’s comfortable making it an ultimate value for money.

The challenge now is to just be a little creative with mix and matching with other clothing items and accessories so that it won’t appear “too overused”.

Let me know what are your ‘pakai sampai lenjan‘ pieces and why you love them so much.


Details of my look:

Shirt with collar details from H&M, patterned skinny pant from Dorothy Perkins, peep toe green velvet pump from Vincci, RayBan shades, cotton head scarf from Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, mixed accessories.


Love, Nazz

Photo credit: Firdaus al-Asedi


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