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Since I can’t seem to come out with a (slightly more) creative posting and I’m way too tired to be putting on proper thoughts on what I should be writing this time around (oh well, it’s already 1:30 am in the morning – I’m tired, sleepy and have to wake up early later in the morning), let’s do the 5 pointers-posting ala Chedet:

  1. I’m gonna begin a whole new ‘journey’ starting next week and I’m positive it will be a challenging one. I’m nervous as hell, super conscious almost all the time but above all, I’m game. I know for sure that this will either make or break me and the only words of wisdom I can give myself right now would be to resonate Nike: Just fucking do it.
  2. I was invited by a couple of talented new friends to embark on an exciting new project with an up-and-coming young virtuoso. Can’t really reveal the details for now but all I can say is, first meeting went well and things are gonna be really exciting!
  3. One of my favorite local albums of all time, Drones – by my all-time favorite Malaysian band, Seven Collar T-shirt is turning 10. Gosh, can’t believe that I have loved and supported a band for more than a decade – with so much love and passion the way I do for SCTS. Congratulations Seven Collar! This is a great achievement and I’m proud of the band! Can’t wait to catch the band live next week to celebrate the anniversary.
  4. I might be coming out with a solo material soon. Yup, this singer dreamer in me is waiting to break out (and not sell out – hah!) Things are still in its early stages but I’m gonna make it happen this year, I have to!
  5.  Come February, That Fat Tudung Party Girl will reveal fresher and better quality content through up-and-coming collaborations with some of my favorite creative people in KL. Yes, I am mostly excited about this and can’t wait to begin posting better content in future. If you noticed, this post contains more refined pictures of my daily style. Though this wasn’t planned but I’m so excited to share the good news with you, of my collaboration with the talented Moose Khair and my first featured (Ph)at Girl, Evie Nunis.

Well, for all that and more, you know you gotta keep watching this space. That’s all for now, I’m Nazirah – That Fat Tudung Party Girl – signing out.




Details of my look:

Quarter sleeve blazer with leopard cuff from Trendy Confessions, white t-shirt and skinny jeans from H&M, leopard scarf from Cotton On, military boot from Forever 21, bag from Charles & Keith.


Photo credit: Moose Khair 


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