After rain comes sun

Allah really listens to me. He cares for me. He’s there for me. Now at my lowest, He knows what I exactly need, more than I will ever know myself. And He sent me my two most important people in the world – my parents.

Credit: Lee Kar Kien

How do I get here?

Dammit. What. To. Write!!! I’ve been staring on this page longer than I should. I’m not talking hours, but almost two-fucking-weeks. I have the tab open on draft mode for days, hoping to craft at least a paragraph out but still couldn’t. And I’m struggling to commit…

That Fat Tudung Party Girl Sunday breeze

Plus Size Style | Lazy Sunday Chic

I was aiming for the lazy Sunday chic look which is pretty much… just another lazy Sunday chic look. I translated the whole idea into a loose-fitting style that is definitely a breather as compared to my usual fitted/skinny jeans look for my first breakfast…

TFTPG Trendy Confessions 6th Birthday Party

Happy 6th Birthday, Trendy Confessions!

It was a couple of years ago when I first came across Trendy Confessions‘ blog-shop and I couldn’t help but rejoiced over the idea of a Klang Valley-based independent plus size line, run by my fellow country-women, selling stylish plus size clothing for the underserved…


Just so you know what to expect

Hi, you. Yes, you… if you’re even there to read this possible piece of crap I’m about to write. Again, Nazirah and her drama, lame excuses and shitty dreams. Getting bored now, aren’t you? I’m not gonna apologise for my sudden two-monthlong disappearance from blogging,…


Plus Style | Sampai Lenjan

“Pakai sampai lenjan.” Let me translate that for you non-Bahasa Melayu readers. That sentence literally means, ‘Wear till it’s worn out’. You see, my rule of thumb when it comes to spending for fashion these days is to get something that you love too much,…