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Plus Size Style | Lazy Sunday Chic

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I was aiming for the lazy Sunday chic look which is pretty much… just another lazy Sunday chic look. I translated the whole idea into a loose-fitting style that is definitely a breather as compared to my usual fitted/skinny jeans look for my first breakfast session with the amazing Sarah Rostam.


Favourite pieces

I’d like to think that the centre piece of this look is this white crop top — the best purchase I made last week. It’s from H&M and at RM 59, you’re looking at something not only is trendy and fashionable but also a very comfortable piece of clothing that will never goes out of style.

My other favourite piece of the look is the brown leather loafer I bought earlier this month. I’ve been looking for a good quality loafer at an affordable price for a long time now so being able to find this makes everything so meaningful. I gotta admit I’ve been wearing the loafer out a lot this month and I hope I’ll never get bored of it.

plus size lazy sunday chic

White crop top, jungle print loose fit pant, sunglass – all from H&M; green scarf from Forever 21, black quarter sleeve inner from Uniqlo; loafer from Rocha by John Rocha; bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs

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Nazirah Ashari’s “classy” toilet mirror selfie

Plus size lazy Sunday chic

I need this nude pump heel from Marks & Spencer

Turning Lazy Sunday Chic to Something More Wedding Appropriate

On the same day, I was attending a friend’s wedding and the lazy me decided not to waste my time at changing to a whole different outfit and decided to wear the same crop top for the occasion. Besides, I was already out since morning and going home is not an option  so I decided to work on a different look suitable for a wedding and of course, there’s no better way to do so than putting on a maxi skirt and a heel. I changed my scarf too to look a bit more modest and that splash of magenta pink is just perfect.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

White crop top from H&M; scarf from Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman; maxi skirt from Mango; stacked velvet black heel from Forever2


I made a collage for you via Polyvore, in case you want to steal my lazy Sunday chic look.

Sunday Chic
Sunday Chic by xerraxerra featuring elastic waistband pants
TFTPG Trendy Confessions 6th Birthday Party

Happy 6th Birthday, Trendy Confessions!

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It was a couple of years ago when I first came across Trendy Confessions‘ blog-shop and I couldn’t help but rejoiced over the idea of a Klang Valley-based independent plus size line, run by my fellow country-women, selling stylish plus size clothing for the underserved plus size ladies. At that moment, I find Trendy Confessions’ co-founders and sisters, Fong Jiar Yi and Fong Jiar Hwei a godsend to us and I still do, considering available shopping options for the stylish in us plus sizers are those UK brands selling sometimes poor quality clothing at high-street prices.

Fast forward years later, Trendy Confessions still runs strong. Even stronger, I must say. They ditched their blog-shop website and became a lot more customer friendly and sophisticated through an e-commerce platform. They began designing their own clothes and expanding their sizing options too. And as much as they evolve, I began noticing similar evolvement in the scene too. Malaysian plus size girls, though not many, slowly begins to embrace their body and learn the trade of personal style.

So when I learned and was invited to the 6th anniversary of my favourite Malaysian plus size online clothing store, I knew I had to make an effort to show my support physically. I’m sure by now, most of my readers are somewhat informed about how occupied I am with work hence the inactive blog these past two-three months, but knowing Trendy Confessions turning 6 feels like an achievement worth celebrating together. 6 is a number of achievement and after 6 years, they have achieved and grow so much as an entity with a mission and I couldn’t help but feeling extremely happy and proud of them.

To my favourite girls at Trendy Confessions, the Fong sisters: Happy 6th Birthday! I am so happy and proud of you girls and thank you so much for the “modelling” opportunities given to me before, am so honoured to be a part of such a great independent entity like Trendy Confessions. I look forward to a bigger party when you girls reach that 10th mark. Keep it gorgeous and fabulous, ladies.

TFTPG Trendy Confessions 6th Birthday Party

The sales rack is always the best rack.

The best part about the party? Sneak peak and chance to pick Trendy Confessions’ new arrivals. These are not online yet, maybe next week? (Not too sure) But tell you what, they have some of my favourite pieces!

TFTPG Trendy Confessions 6th Birthday Party

Here’s my favourite piece. A tartan dress with gold detailing on the waist – just the much needed edgy piece I’ve been looking for. But sadly I couldn’t get in them.

TFTPG Trendy Confessions 6th Birthday Party

TFTPG Trendy Confessions 6th Birthday Party

Delicious snacks in between browsing? Please.

TFTPG Trendy Confessions 6th Birthday Party

That skull and studded mini purse in green is gorgeous! I was thinking of getting it but that didn’t happen. Oh, in case you want it, there’s another similar bag in black and they are on sale!

So what did I end up getting?

Now here’s the thing about me these days and this picture explains it best. My style now is pretty monotonous and it has been like this for the past two years hence these picks of black skinny jeans (such great quality skinny, you better grab it!), the striped midi-skirt and that awesome looking patterned jacket, also in black and white!

TFTPG Trendy Confessions 6th Birthday Party

My Trendy Confessions 6th Birthday Party haul

TFTPG Trendy Confessions 6th Birthday Party

The Fong sisters and That Fat Tudung Party Girl

Say you missed the party, you can still enjoy a free delivery for every purchase you make before 31 May 2014. What you need to do, is fill your online cart over at and enter 6BDAY upon check out and voila, you just saved RM 6 on delivery from Trendy Confessions!

TFTPG Trendy Confessions 6th Birthday Party


Just so you know what to expect

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Hi, you.

Yes, you… if you’re even there to read this possible piece of crap I’m about to write. Again, Nazirah and her drama, lame excuses and shitty dreams. Getting bored now, aren’t you?

I’m not gonna apologise for my sudden two-monthlong disappearance from blogging, like there was such thing as… well, blogging. Though deep inside I feel like explaining myself and still at the end of the day, I just choose not to.

I’m on a different journey now, career-wise. The one that is making me manage, scrutinise, experiment, change, write, edit, think, work, spend, eat, drink, strategise, sick, feel intimidated and superior at the same time. The kind of journey that allows me to be creative and uncomfortable at the same time. The one that got me to curse, to compliment, to win and taste defeat and not knowing when the next win will be, to sleep less and work longer, sleep more and work harder. The one that made me become the old workaholic me, and that I actually like it. The one journey I think about 24 hours, 7 days a week; even as I’m writing this on a productive water cut-Sunday, not actually doing anything work-related, but still thinking about it – planning everything in my head. The one that is challenging me to my core. The one that I’m actually have no shittiest idea about – yup, I’m fucking clueless.

Yet, it’s the one that I thought I’m kinda in love with. The one that satisfies and inspire. The one that makes me… me.


In case you wonder where I’ve been, that’s that. In case you’re expecting anything, that’s that.


Write soon, Nazz.


#Throwback photo. Details of my look:

Parka and wrap around black scarf from H&M, head scarf (turned into a turban) from Sofia Elena, skinny jeans from Next

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