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Plus Style On-the-Go_03

Plus Style On-the-Go #03: Mesh bomber jacket

It’s lunch time so let’s make this post a quick one!

I have an obsession over cool and sometimes impractical jackets. I love browsing through my favourite clothing stores for pieces that would make head turns and have them say, how do you wear that in this weather? Ahah – to be honest I can’t, I’m sweating like a pig inside but I just gotta put this on, don’t I?! I love jackets in colours that would allow me to stand out in the crowd or one that is too white that’d make people say, ‘Keeping that off stains must be real hard’.

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Plus Style On-the-Go_01

Introducing… Plus Style On-the-Go: Modest nautical

My strategy to constant updating of the blog now is going to be simple: I’m going to continuously microblog, mostly from my phone and putting words together about my daily look or OOTD. I’m going to call this new blog content ‘Plus Style On-the-Go’ – sharing my plus size style taken and written while I’m, well… on-the-go. Expect short and simple posting (except for this one, obviously) of me being your fat hijabi.

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I wish I had never let you go

Truth be told, the only thing I need to do right now is write a piece of entry that is fitting of this blog. I have these plus style photos my dear friend Michelle took of me last week and I so desperately want to upload them and wish everybody thank you for being so awesome, patient, supportive and nice to me these past weeks.

But I couldn’t. I don’t want to. I can’t. I’m not in that state of mind.

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Aidilfitri in Batu Pahat

Goodbye Syawal: 5 things I learned about myself this Raya season

Today we bid adieu to Syawal, to the last day in the month of celebration in the Muslim calendar. And if you are in Malaysia, you probably be visiting a Raya open house or two, stuffing your stomach with the best of (free) local food. Or you could spend this fine Saturday like me – alone, mostly getting a couple of tasks for work done in between walking around the cities, cafe hopping from one coffee place to another.

This is lighthearted post compared to my previous ones. It has no specific objective but to allow me the space and time off from the research I’m currently doing. It’s straight forward – as the subject suggests. Now let’s quickly draft this out.

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Credit: Lee Kar Kien

How do I get here?

Dammit. What. To. Write!!!

I’ve been staring on this page longer than I should. I’m not talking hours, but almost two-fucking-weeks. I have the tab open on draft mode for days, hoping to craft at least a paragraph out but still couldn’t. And I’m struggling to commit to this because I have better options than to actually sit down at Starbucks or any one of those hipster coffee places I choose to get caffeinated at.

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Plus Size Style #lateblog | Channeling my inner hijab princess

Note: I’m going to be publishing some of the drafts I’ve kept in my Posts Dashboard, bit by bit. This is the first in series of my Plus Size Style #lateblog – collection of unpublished blog posts I’ve kept for almost a year. This post was first drafted around August 2014. 

I was on the train to work when a corporate looking kakak in her mid-30s who stood next to me in the sardine-packed Kelana Jaya line coach asked a random question, “Pergi kelas ke?” (“Are you going to class?”)

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TFTPG Trendy Confessions 6th Birthday Party

Happy 6th Birthday, Trendy Confessions!

It was a couple of years ago when I first came across Trendy Confessions‘ blog-shop and I couldn’t help but rejoiced over the idea of a Klang Valley-based independent plus size line, run by my fellow country-women, selling stylish plus size clothing for the underserved plus size ladies. At that moment, I find Trendy Confessions’ co-founders and sisters, Fong Jiar Yi and Fong Jiar Hwei a godsend to us and I still do, considering available shopping options for the stylish in us plus sizers are those UK brands selling sometimes poor quality clothing at high-street prices.

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Just so you know what to expect

Hi, you.

Yes, you… if you’re even there to read this possible piece of crap I’m about to write. Again, Nazirah and her drama, lame excuses and shitty dreams. Getting bored now, aren’t you?

I’m not gonna apologise for my sudden two-monthlong disappearance from blogging, like there was such thing as… well, blogging. Though deep inside I feel like explaining myself and still at the end of the day, I just choose not to.

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Plus Style | Let’s sum it all up in 5, 4, 3, …

Since I can’t seem to come out with a (slightly more) creative posting and I’m way too tired to be putting on proper thoughts on what I should be writing this time around (oh well, it’s already 1:30 am in the morning – I’m tired, sleepy and have to wake up early later in the morning), let’s do the 5 pointers-posting ala Chedet:

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Plus Size Style | A rambling that actually has nothing to do with this style post

I’m gonna begin with a rambling of sort. A story, quick one.

A friend asked me if I’m ever concern about the look on my resume with me jumping around jobs from one to another in less than a year – particularly in 2013, with two new jobs in the same year – trying to figure out what I actually wanna do in life.

For once I choose not to answer. She has a point, no doubt. Disloyalty is the one thing those peeps over at HR particularly hate, no matter how good you think you are. And 2013 saw me at my lowest, career-wise, and those couple of facts could shatter my opportunity in future and why shouldn’t I be afraid, no?

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Plus Style | Sampai Lenjan

Pakai sampai lenjan.”

Let me translate that for you non-Bahasa Melayu readers. That sentence literally means, ‘Wear till it’s worn out’. You see, my rule of thumb when it comes to spending for fashion these days is to get something that you love too much, you wear it almost all the time. I’m a believer of utilizing something to the fullest especially if it’s the most expensive of stuff. Here’s how I see it: What’s the point of spending over a thousand ringgit for that designer shoes and not wearing it often, no?

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